About Journal

The Journal of Art & Architecture Research Studies (JAARS)

Publishes specialized scientific research in the fields of:
1- Architecture (Sustainable design, Urban planning, Modern Building, Conservation-Restoration & Renovation, Housing, Integrated Urban Energy, Smart Cities, City Branding, Responsive Architecture, and Regenerative architecture).
2 -Décor (Interior Architecture and Scenography).
3- Visual arts (Painting, Murals, Graphics, Animation and Book Art, Sculpture).
4- History of Art and civilization.
5- Related Interdisciplinary studies.
6- Articles and researches extracted from theses, book reviews, and conference reports.


  • To encourage scientific research through the publication of original, innovative, critiques and evidenced research studies.
  • To provide a local and international forum for enriching and developing scientific research in the fields of arts, architecture and related studies.
  • To reinforce intellectual ties and scientific production and create channels of communication between researchers and academic institutions locally and internationally.
  • To emphasise the role of the Faculty of Fine Arts as a leading institution in the fields of architecture, arts and related studies and linking it to various institutions.
  • To support inter-disciplinary research studies linking architecture, arts and the social sciences hence contribute to development and community

JAARS Mission

To publish original and innovative scientific research in the fields of Architecture and Urban Planning, Décor (Interior and Scenography), Visual Arts (Painting, Murals, Graphics, Animation and Book Art, Sculpture, History of Art and Civilization, and All other related Interdisciplinary Studies as well as articles and researches extracted from theses, book reviews and conference reports.

JAARS Vision

To be an internationally accredited platform for academic research that spreads science and knowledge in the fields of arts and architecture in both local and international academic communities.