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Painting department - Murals, faculty of fine arts, Helwan university, Cairo, Egypt



Mural art is a universal practice that is rooted in the human desire to document, decorate, and shape the environment. Over the centuries, artists have been able to adapt modern techniques and technologies to present something new that is in line with their own philosophy and concepts. Since Art and technology became closely linked, The artist has tried to offer different experiences through a variety of sound and visual effects to create a unique experience that puts the viewer in a state of sensory interaction with the artwork, based on social themes related to specific events. Artist has presented murals of various subjects and techniques, all of which have relied on external sound and visual effects, using a variety of modern technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other technologies that convey his message to the viewer. In addition to existing, participating in music festivals, and live art performances.


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