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1 Graphic department, Faculty of fine Arts, Helwan University

2 Graphic Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt



The issue of separating illusion from art seems as Confusing as it seems real. The pleasure lies in the momentary shock of our awareness of the visual trick when we admit that we have been deceived as a result of the skill of this art. This is the essence of illusion, which is also what makes it surprising and admirable throughout the history of Visual arts. The rapid and volatile development witnessed by the world had a great impact on the field of arts. Various Visual art trends and currents emerged in the post-sixties period in contemporary art (post-modernism), including: conceptual art, installations, the OP Art, and others. The tremendous technological development that we are witnessing during the twenty-first century led to a remarkable change and development that was reflected accordingly On all forms of artistic currents, the research focuses on the concept of illusion in art to understand the scientific theories behind illusion and deception, and to find out why our brains process illusions the way they do, and on illusion in graphic works in particular and how it has been affected by technological development and modern techniques in the field of graphics.


Main Subjects

الكتب والمجلات
مصطفى بدر الدين درويش : الخداع البصري في التصميم الداخلي للمسكن المصري المعاصر ، دار المنظومة، ٢٠٠٩م.
شاكر عبد الحميد : الخيال من الكهف إلى الواقع الافتراضي ، عالم المعرفة ، الكويت ، ٢٠٠٩م
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Lisa Cyr - The art of promotion: creating distinction through innovative production techniques -  Gloucester, Mass.: Rockport – 2003
الرسائل والأبحاث العلمية
أشرف السيد العويلي : الفن الشعبي في التصوير المصري المعاصر ومداخل استخدامه في التربية الفنية ، رسالة ماجستير ،غير منشورة ، كلية التربية الفنية ، جامعة حلوان ، ١٩٩١م.
إسراء أحمد محمد أنور : فنون ما بعد الحداثة وأثرها علي الفن المصري المعاصر ، رسالة ماجستير غير منشورة ، قسم التصوير ، كلية الفنون الجميلة جامعة حلوان ، ٢٠٢١م.
محمد خيري عبد الصادق – التكنولوجيا الرقمية كبديل إبداعي لفنون ما بعد الحداثة في فن الجرافيك – مؤتمر الفن العربي المعاصر الثامن "الفن في زمن متغير" ٢٠١٣م.
المواقع الإلكترونية
What is Contemporary Art and How Can we Define it Today?