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Decor Department, Interior Architecture branch, Faculty Of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt



Based on the exploitation of materials, and the need to impress an aspirational audience with a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds, this research studies the movement of materials with air and its expressive role in scenography of Performing Arts. The research examines designs for previous shows that used the material movement to express dramatic ideas. Through description and analysis, it focuses on the expressive role of moving materials using air-moving equipment such as fans, pumps. This is to highlight the dramatic contribution of material, enhancing its interactive role, and questioning its ability to convey unspoken meanings of the drama, and indirect meanings at the same time to convey individual impressions according to each recipient.
The interactive roles of the materials in this research are: Expressing the divine presence; taking on the role of the protagonist; embodying dancing beings; expressing magic; creating a shapeless flying being; embodying the past, memory and emptiness; and a comic embodiment of brotherly struggle through wearing.


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