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This research deals with the role and contribution of the graphic design substrate, which has not been dealt with in sufficient detail before, which is the role and how this substrate (the substratum that bears graphic design) contributes, of all kinds, and throughout the long human history; in shaping the aesthetic properties of graphic design. With the aim of researching the types of these substrates according to a clear approach, the researcher classified these substrates into five main categories, which are the ground substrates, which are substrates whose raw material came from the different soil layers of the earth, such as clay, rock and marble. And animal substrates, which are substrates whose raw material came from the components of animal bodies, such as bones and parchment. And plant substrates, which are made from the stems of plants or trees, or from their pulp. Among the most important of them are wood, papyrus, bamboo, and all kinds of paper. Industrial substrates, which are graphic substrates made of various materials, the most important of which are Plexiglas, vinyl, engineered wood, plywood, and metal panels with foam core. And electronic substrates, which are electronic display screens, with all their types of very small pixel units, which represent an electronic substrate for digital graphic design.


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