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كليه الفنون الجميلة جامعة الاسكندرية



Among all the materials of sculpture known to human, there is no other means more dramatic in its visual effects than that which reflects the image of the viewer. Therefore, the research discusses the types of materials with reflective surfaces to the glass materials represented by mirrors and the polished metal represented by stainless steel, and the research analyzes the works used for reflective materials and the mechanism of applying them through four methods. Because of the use of reflective material and discuss the problem of using reflective works in the different spatial spaces. The presence of the spectators a formative element within the work, where the research classifies the sculptural work with a reflective surface within the framework of interactive sculpture. It also sheds light on the plastic and intellectual goal that the artist aspires to achieve by using the reflective surface as a material in the sculpture work.


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