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1 Decor, Fine Art, Helwan university, Cairo.

2 قسم دیکور, کلیة الفنون الجمیلة, جامعة حلوان, القاهرة.

3 Scenography - Décor Department - Faculty of Fine Arts - Helwan University



There are theater schools aim to create a specific psychological atmosphere for the audience, in which he experiences a psychological impact based on his current circumstances while watching the show and on the percept he receives visually. These models appear clearly in the modern trends of theater, such as the Gestalt theatre project, which that established in the late twentieth century based on the basic principles of Gestalt theory, Gestalt is a psychological term meaning "unified whole" and refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in 1920, describing situations in which the viewer receives visual elements according to their composition.
This research aims to shed light on the designer role importance in theater based on understanding the psychological theory "Gestalt" role in theater and how to employ this role through the Gestalt theater project work examples, and the director's visual explanation of the recipient's awareness, and to confirm the integration and all performance elements interaction.


Main Subjects

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