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Décor Department, Interior Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt



Scope – The indoor environment of administrative buildings affects the physical and psychological health of the human being, where he spends more than one third of his day.
Methodology – Reviewing the concepts and principles of "WELL Building Standards" program, also describing and analyzing the seven standards of "WELL Building Standards" program which are: Air, Light, Water, Comfort, Nourishment, Fitness and Mind.
Purpose – Promote well-being and human health in the administrative building by interior designing.
Findings – “WELL Building Standards” program was the first environmental assessment program in the world to focus on well-being and human health within the administrative building by means of interior designing.
 Conclusion – Enhancing the physical and psychological health of the human being is done by improving the quality of indoor environment of the building, and it is necessary to resort the “WELL Building Standards” program and using its standards in the interior design.


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