Document Type : Invited editorial articles


Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt



To date, 2021, I have written 10 books, eight in distribution outlets, and two in print. All its pages include many and varied critical articles about many works of art in the field (drawing, painting, and sculpture) for many contemporary fine artists, of different ages, orientations, and artistic styles, on which I was a witness through my field follow-up of private or even collective art exhibitions, from the 1970s to the present. All of this is to monitor the situation of Fine Arts seriously, and to measure the indicators of its growth and rise horizontally and vertically.
Today, it has become a very wide and varied panoramic image. Its purpose is to cover an important aspect of the creativity of the fine artists who were present on the art scene and left in turn year after year; or those who are now present and produce serious and distinctive works of art of varied visual and aesthetic orientations. In this way, my selection of work would not be considered random, improvisational, or mandatory, but it is based on the new and creative experiences of a present young generation or those who have passed their age and have an effective and renewed presence in any of the different areas of creativity.


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