The Role OF the Gothic Art in Localization of the Holy

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Art has a significant impact on intellectual influence, or what is known as intellectual wars, which promoting politician's ideas and persuading society to act in the best interests of a specific group of people. However, the policy did not adopt the same methodology towards art but dominated in its all forms.
A realistic symbolic style guided the development of Gothic art. Besides, the majority of European kings at the time were religious, so the clergy had the most power in deciding its Features. Medieval arts generally aimed to fulfill a variety of functions, the most important of which was documenting the power of temporal power as an entity and strengthening Catholic power structures, to embody the power of the Church and the historical justifications for its supreme power.
The Gothic style was not just an expression of theological differences from era to era, but it was related to the types of scenes and characters that their patrons wanted. Although art until then had been a form of praise of divine glory, a renewed desire to guide the public made it a way of resistance to any hazardous thought.


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