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Graphic Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt


The research deals with the concept of (Retro) style in graphic design, especially in contemporary image and illustration. And that is after the success of this style in achieving popularity in the pictograms in publications on a large scale of all kinds and techniques. In this presented research we focus on this “reactionary” trend in art as a special intellectual and artistic style that relied heavily on the concept of human (Nostalgia) for the past, and the possibility of benefiting from that new trend to revive the artistic and visual identity of the culture of each society and choose “Egypt” as a model, as a broader and comprehensive vision than its current marketing and commercial goal, and because it has already surpassed that stage and demonstrated the effectiveness of playing on the sensitive chord related to linking the past with the present, and its success greatly in the (Retro marketing) process. In addition to that, the research deals with some problematic related to the (Retro) style in terms of originality and contemporary in design, the use of the image, the roots of that art, and its sources from the heritage of the past that the designer returns to and his right to be inspired and changed in a contemporary way.


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