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Professor Emeritus – Graphic Department – Fine Arts -Helwan University - Egypt


The artist "Kamal Amin" played a pivotal role in the field of the Egyptian graphic movement, through his quest and his tireless experiments in search of all new in this field, which realized the extent of its expansion in many fields ... Looking forward to digitization! Forty years ago, since he left our world, nicknamed the digital world based on communication technology.
This spirit of art is steeped in its Egyptian identity and is seeking all the new... It had a great impact in the development of the scientific curriculum of Graphic art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he worked as a professor of art.
Just as Kamal Amin produced numerous works of art in the field of engraving and printing, he produced numerous works in the field of visual communication, including press drawings, illustrations, and book covers, all characterized by expressive experimentation, and many national contributions such as the design and implementation of the façade of Luxor train station and Beni- Suef station.
Undoubtedly, if Kamal Amin had been in this world, he would have been the first developer son of communication and digitization.


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هذا المقال مصدره المتابعة الشخصیة والمعایشة لحیاة الفنان کمال أمین (١٩٢٣-١٩٨٨)، وبه بعض الاقتباسات من کتاب:
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