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Painting department - Murals, faculty of fine arts, Helwan university, Cairo, Egypt



Since the beginning of the new millennium, there has been anticipation and intense interest in the global warming phenomenon. Since halfway through the twentieth century, an increase in average weather temperatures has been observed, some scientists said that the causes of global warming are many and that pollution is the main cause of climate change. which also resulted in forest fires, Storms and floods, in addition to human depletion of land resources and excessive consumption of fish and animal as a result of increase in population, in addition to the expansion of the construction areas and the cutting of trees and plants, things that contributed greatly to climate change and rising temperatures. Thus, artists tried to use mural painting as a global language and began to paint the streets. They used street art to express and warn about pollution, high temperatures, melting ice, rising ocean levels, and the sinking of coastal cities. Artists also used Augmented Reality Murals to deliver voice and Visual messages, in which the viewer can see the future risks because of these practices, thus identifying many animal species threatened with extinction due to changes in their environment.


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