Document Type : Specialized scientific research papers


Interior architecture Department, Faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University, Egypt



Retro is a style that derives from the past. It indicates a return and nostalgia or bringing it back. The Retro style is a fusion of past and current design elements. The basis of Retro is the boldness and initiation in the distribution of lines, the clarity of forms, and the breaking of routines and traditions. The importance of research is to create a warm, dramatic, unique, and artistic atmosphere. The methodology of research is the descriptive-analytical approach. Therefore, Retro-style requires a dynamic and creative environment that is suitable for special people such as artists and designers. The study aims to analyze and study the Retro style in the residential spaces while creating an artistic and dramatic atmosphere for scenes designed from the past, merging it with the present. Finally, the research concluded that the Retro style combined the past and present to create artistic and dramatic atmospheres in interior design.


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